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This simple tool and make you happy when ožičavanju frames. Construction of the timber that does not mean that it can not be made of metal. A large coil is that the winding wire it for ožicavanje. It also serves to return to it after tightening the excess wire and helps tightening (detail 1). Wooden coils (detail 2) has on each side of the 5th In this way, you can set any number of wires. Certainly it can be smaller and it depends on the number of wires that set. The central plank is extended to eccentric strain side (detail 3). On the other hand - the opposite side, is the backbone, with one screw to adjust the degree of primness (detail 4).
Put the frame between the ekcentra of support. When napnete ekcentar sides need a bit of that swaddles. Insert the wire into the first hole and lead to the opposite side page. Thread the wire through the parallel hole and then, obmotavši about koturića, go back through another hole in a row. Since the wire goes through koturića easily pulls. When you are finished šniranjem, type a string using ekserića. Now back wheel (detail 1) back zatežite wire. When you reach the end of the end of the wire Fix tack and cut it. When you release ekcentar wire will be further tightened.